Why Has My Payment Got Cancelled On Roblox

Why Has My Payment Got Cancelled On Roblox. When I did my purchase the process did a small payment and wanted that info to proceed So they charge me $012 and then asked me to confirm so I had to have my credit info available so I could reply that they initially charged me $012.

Kids Flock To Roblox For Parties And Playdates During Lockdown Bloomberg why has my payment got cancelled on roblox
Kids Flock To Roblox For Parties And Playdates During Lockdown Bloomberg from bloomberg.com

How to fix it.

Whenever I attempt to purchase Robux, it say `Your …

Why won’t my Roblox premium expire? There are several reasons a membership may not be able to renew such as an expired or cancelled credit card or insufficient Gift Card credits The renewing process may take a few days so please be patient.

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Why does my roblox say payment cancelled i filled everything out correctly Please tell me how to fix this? Everytime when i try to buy robux it says payment cancelled but i filled everything out correctly Comment Reply Report This discussion closely relates to.

Kids Flock To Roblox For Parties And Playdates During Lockdown Bloomberg

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If one of your monthly payments has been canceled any payments for that account will continue to be held until the outstanding situation (eg incorrect or missing information) is resolved When a payment is canceled for a particular month that payment amount is automatically rolled over and included in the following month’s payment amount Missing robloxMust include.