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Underswap Megalovania Roblox. Swap! Sans is a Sans from the Undertale AU known as Underswap where all the characters are given the opposite role ( Like Papyrus having Sans’s role and part of his personality) while following Undertale’s storyline but with different dialogue etc (because they don’t swap all of their personality) It is basically the Papyrus fight but with Sans Keep in mind UJD doesn’t follow the.

Sans Blueberry Undertale Brasil Amino underswap megalovania roblox
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in conclusion Its fine if you use undertale characters but you should be more careful when using undertale AUs (such as Fresh! Sans Last breath Sans Underswap Papyrus Disbelief papyrus for those of you who don’t know) but most AUs cant copyright since toby owns the characters k1212ss (k1212ss) March 29 2021 122am #5.

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Sans Blueberry Undertale Brasil Amino

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