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Maze Map Roblox. Hi along with many other pages Maze 2 will be under constant review due to the recent vandalism going around Thank you! Maze 2 is the second maze in Identity Fraud Maze 2 is a hedge maze with grasstextured walls granite flooring and Lshaped dead ends different from the Maze 1’s visible dead ends Alice and Stan can be found in this maze normally however both.

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Sam or mostly known by the community as Sam is one of the main characters of BEAR who made his first appearance when the Halloween 2019 Event came in BEAR (Alpha) he can be found in his pit which can be accessed by doing part of the obby in the lobby he was the start of BEAR’s lore Sam also shows up in this iswas my home and this iswas my friendsThe player can access.

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A map of the ghost ship spawns routes and destinations in Second Sea Third Sea Map A map of the Third Sea • Doom Island • Eve Island • Graveyard Island • Ice Crown Island • Ice Maze Island • Lava Tower Isle • Magic Fist Island • Mavist Island • Newground Island • Orange Island • Outcast Tower • Permafrost Island.

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The Orotund is a tall slender pitchblack skeleton monster that patrolls around The Maze When a player enters its range of view no matter how far away it will charge towards them instantly at an extremely high velocity killing the player instantly on contact Its presence can be detected at short ranges by listening to loud clang noises it makes that sounds like metal clacking and its.